Services & Prices

Dog walking
Your dog walker will collect your dog from home. We will walk for either 30 or 60 mins and the dog will be returned home and settled. On wet days I ask you to leave a towel near the door for wet/muddy paws so your dog is dry and warm for the rest of the day. Dogs can be let off the lead or kept on, this is decided by you. They will remain on leads at all times until we are in the park and away from roads.

Puppy Visit
We know that a new puppy can be very demanding but we are here to help. Before your puppy is ready to be taken for long walks we can visit them while you’re out to feed and clear up after them, to play and keep them company and take them for short walks. This will help to socialise the puppy and keep their young minds stimulated, discouraging bad behaviour or habits setting in from day one. We will visit them at home for 20 minutes.

Dog/Cat/Pet Visit
This service would be suitable for older dogs who aren’t walked a lot, cats or other pets that need extra company while you’re away from home. I will visit your home for <20 minutes to let the animal out/in, feed, change water or litter trays as well as play and interact with your pet. I can administer any medication if you provide written instructions on how to do so.

Meet & Greet
If you’d like to arrange any of the services I’ve described, or have any other requests, then please get in touch to arrange a meet and greet. I will come to your home to meet you and your pet. We will discuss the services you require and I will need to ask a few questions about your pet. I’m sure we’ll all get on fine! If so, I will arrange obtaining a spare key from you. All keys will be kept securely and away from any personal information I retain from you. My insurance policy covers loss of keys; I am more than happy to show you the policy, if required, along with my police check.

For no extra cost I can do any other small tasks such as feeding fish, watering plants, collecting post or closing curtains while I visit your pet.


30 minute dog walk: £10.50 (+£3.50 per extra dog from same home)

60 minute dog walk: £14.50 (+£5.50 per extra dog from same home)

Bank holiday dog walk/pet visit: Extra charge of 50% added to regular rate.

Puppy visit (20 mins): £10 each.

Dog/cat/other pet visit (20 mins): £10 per visit or 2 visits per day £18.50.

No obligation meet & greet – free!

Cancellations fees are applicable if any services are cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice.